2017-04-17 20:52:32
HellCoder: elasticore dot nl/HellHound/hc/index.html
2017-04-17 20:52:06
HellCoder: Can't seem to post a weblink on my own shoutbox.. damned...
2017-02-02 15:33:05
guest: where is download section for HellChess!
2017-02-02 15:31:58
2016-05-03 07:40:33
Buui: Doedida
2016-03-14 01:50:46
eikr: csao
2015-10-01 09:37:56
HellCoder: Anyone still looking here?
2015-09-22 08:50:34
HellCoder: The forum is online now, check your email!
2015-09-21 21:51:49
HellCoder: I onlysee yellow
2015-09-21 21:24:00
Ptotogon: Blue is flying again... fighting thatcyellow bastard!!
2015-09-21 20:48:09
HellCoder: Check the mail!!!, Let's battle!!
2015-09-21 07:52:55
HellCoder: Refresh rate isn't importand for the simulation. Most important part is the part I'm still working on. Sending commands to the game through the webpage. Next update will handle this, including statistics put on the webpage too.
2015-09-20 22:10:50
Ptotogon: Not a very fast refresh but still a lot of explosions! just like vroeger
2015-09-20 21:47:19
HellCoder: You got mail!
2015-09-20 21:22:56
HellCoder: In about 1 hour, a previeuw will be available to see.
2015-09-20 16:09:05
HellCoder: Probably
2015-09-20 13:21:20
Protogon: Will there be an annoyance setting so Vincent can apply an irritating factor to his automated gameplay?
2015-09-19 22:08:11
HellCoder: Not turn based coz that would require you to actually do something at work. That's probably not an option. I'm working on some sort of AI module with every setting brought outside the code so you can alter it if you want.
2015-09-19 19:11:13
LSemtex: I'm guessing Bratwurst renamed to TransThrust..
2015-09-19 18:20:21
Protogon: the Transwarp Turn-based Action edition?
2015-09-19 08:37:19
HellCoder: I just thought about a way how to have 'Fun Group Gaming' during work. Need to work things out but basically means letting configurations battle wihile following the fightt on our website!
2015-09-18 22:58:59
HellCoder: I prefer to keep everything running at the same server were I host 2Quest, 2Trance and elasticore. Works fine for me.
2015-09-18 22:53:07
LSemtex: You can also point the domain to my server, if you want. I'll dig it out of the archives this weekend. Nah, not much more than a website. I don't think I have the famous forum lying around anymore
2015-09-18 21:36:15
HellCoder: Nice, can you send it so I can see if I can put it online? Is it more than a website?
2015-09-18 21:00:30
LSemtex: +website
2015-09-18 21:00:20
LSemtex: Ik heb nog ergens de originele hellhound SG die toen op mijn 486dx2 linux "server" draaide op het goeie oude A2000 kabelnetwerk
2015-09-18 13:46:09
HellCoder: Blergh
2015-09-18 10:09:12
Vincent: Cool, de hellhound is terug
2015-09-17 22:16:18
HellCoder: Time 2 bed.. I'm getting old.
2015-09-17 22:01:39
Protogon: hehe...
2015-09-17 22:00:48
HellCoder: Surely it should be cat87 by now?
2015-09-17 22:00:25
Cat37: hihi
2015-09-17 21:59:28
HellCoder: Someone noticed the nick-name box can be changed.
2015-09-17 21:58:36
HellCoder: Ah god...
2015-09-17 21:45:27
Cat37: hihi
2015-09-17 21:44:32
Doggy: and Close 2You
2015-09-17 21:44:12
Doggy: did someone said porn?? I say Wow!
2015-09-17 21:34:26
HellCoder: Behind the wallpaper
2015-09-17 21:33:40
Protogon: where is the porn link??
2015-09-17 21:31:50
Protogon: peats was just me, sorry
2015-09-17 21:27:44
HellCoder: Hey!
2015-09-17 21:25:27
peats: hello?
2015-09-17 21:20:40
HellCoder: Great!
2015-09-17 21:14:35
Protogon: ut werkt, ken alleen nie zien wat ik type...
2015-09-17 21:13:45
2015-09-17 21:13:33
Protogon: Homo's
2015-09-17 20:56:52
HellCoder: Sure thing, want it forwarded to your current email address?
2015-09-17 20:35:20
lsemtex: HellHound SG IS BACK!!!11eleven